Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home - and some talk of arrows, home wares, and spawning salmon??

Hayden and I are home from our big adventure, and as much fun as we had, there is no place like home.   I missed my husband, and Hoot missed her Dad.  This morning, she was sleeping in between us, and she woke up, looked around and said, “Daddy!”  like she was surprised to see him. LOL 
Unfortunately, she will go back to missing him tomorrow, as he has business in Las Vegas for a couple of days.  I wish he didn’t have to go and I hope that the three days goes fast.  I get lonely when he is away.
While we were in Portland we made a quick stop at Ikea… actually, there is no such thing as a “quick stop” at Ikea.  We stopped there on Sunday afternoon on our way to the airport.  Let me tell you something about Ikea on a Sunday – it is BUSY.  Like packed with people.  And most of them are not very polite.  And most of them don’t seem very smart.
Have you ever been to an Ikea?  They are huge.  So huge, in fact that the people at Ikea have to put arrows on the floor so you will know where to go.  I assume that these arrows are to avoid confusion for the masses of people.  I assume that without the guidance of these arrows, everyone would just be milling around, lost inside of Ikea, bumping into one another, crying, shouting expletives and otherwise embarrassing themselves.  No one would ever make it home to enjoy the obscenely low priced home goods and ready to assemble furniture that Ikea has to offer.  We’d all just be trapped in there.  It would be Sunday afternoon pandemonium without the arrows. 
There is only one issue with the seemingly easy to understand arrows on the ground – people don’t know what an arrow means.  The Sunday afternoon Ikea crowd is full of people imitating spawning salmon, swimming upstream to get to the previously mentioned obscenely cheap Ikea fodder.  This makes it very difficult for those of us who want to pass through the megastore with little resistance at a relatively quick (in relation to Sunday afternoon at Ikea) rate of speed. 
Sprinkle in all of the random rudeness and lack of consideration for others, and it was the perfect primer for the only other place that people are ruder on earth – the airport. 
And I thought Ikea was full of crazies. 
After some confusion that resulted in Hoot and I returning home on a full plane without my mom (who came home the next morning on her own, but also $300 and a plane ticket richer) we are home safe and sound.   And the old saying is true. There is no place like home….  Of course the same can be said for Ikea and for the airport, but that is beside the point.
Since being home, my felt food factory is back up and running.  I am currently working on a sack lunch with a sandwich with all the fixings, a bag of chips, some cookies, and some kind of fruit.  We are still undecided on what play kitchen to ask Santa for, but we have it narrowed down to a couple of options.  I did buy some little goodies for Hoot’s kitchen on our Ikea adventure – I got her little metal pots and pans that look like the real thing in miniature along with six each of little plastic rainbow colored plates, cups, bowls and silverware sets.  All that for $17.99.  Hoot can have a dinner party.  I guess that trip to Ikea was worth it after all.  :)

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