Friday, November 12, 2010

A girls weekend on the Oregon Trail....

Did you know that Build A Bear has different options?  Like Build A Monkey?  Or Build A Puppy?  Or Build A Kitty?  It ain’t just bears, folks. 
You can even build an owl.
Here is a pic of my little Owlet with the little owlet that her Grandma and I helped  her build when we arrived in Portland on Wednesday afternoon:

Isn’t that perfect? It is so cute how much she loves it – she lays her head on it and says, “Awww” and kisses on it and clutches it.  So cute!  I even woke up in the middle of the night to look over at her and see her caressing it’s little beak and hooting at it.
My Aunt Whitney lives just outside of Portland with her kids and a few goats and chickens.  It is so wet and green here – a big difference from the desert from whence we came. 

We are spending a couple of nights at the beach as I type, and it has been great. Seaside Oregon is where Lewis and Clark met the end of their expeidition by meeting the ocean. i guess it was the end of the line...  my mom wanted to know where Sacagewea was in the statue - we decided that she probably bailed long before the "end of the line" because it would have been like having two husbands.... LOL

My mom, my Auntie, and my cousins Tess and Sharla took Hoot down to the beach this afternoon. She didn’t like the way the sand felt on her hands and it made her cry.  Poor little thing. 

We go home on Sunday afternoon.  Isn’t is funny how even if you are having fun, you miss the place where you belong?  I miss my dogs and my husband and my house, and I will be happy to be home. :)


  1. This is so mean, but I LOVE crying baby pictures. I think they are so hilarious and adorable!!!!! And this is one just melts my heart!!

  2. LOL i do too!! i am glad that i am not the only mean person! hahaha!!!