Saturday, April 27, 2013

Daddy's Girls

There are two things in this world that make my husband's heart race.

His girls and "man-toys".

Last summer, he added this thing to his collection of toys.

His love affair with RZRs started one day last summer when he and I went on a Garden Tour.  That's right a Garden Tour - like the kind where you drive around town and look at people's yards and drink iced tea. 

Somehow, that is far from what happened. LOL

At one of the stops on this garden tour, Garrett got to taking about dirt bikes and other toys with motors with the owner of this house, and the next thing I knew we were ripping all over the place in one of these things, and I was screaming and seeing my life flash before my eyes. 

Death defying, off road RZR racing was not what I expected ON A GARDEN TOUR.  Garrett says that it is all that made going on a garden tour bearable.  LOL

And the "next" next thing I knew, my husband was shopping.  He had to have one.  It became an obsession. He had to be a RZR owner himself.

We got our own just before Carly turned one at the end of August, and lemme tell you, this thing is pretty fun.  And I am not gonna lie - I have been scared half to death, weeping like a baby in there, too. 

Let's just say that my idea and my husband's idea of what is "fun" vs. what is CRAZY is far from simpatico.  (i.e. regular garden tour with flowers and ponds and iced tea or maybe a glass of wine = fun for me vs. jumping a RZR over a huge gap while going 70 mph with your wife screaming in the seat next to you = fun for him)

But I digress.....

Ever since we got it, Garrett has been planning all of the ways that it could facilitate "quality time as a family" and today was the first day that is plans really came into reality. 

Garrett and I have been out several times with no kids or with some friends, and we have taken the kids on quick rides around here and there, through the neighborhood or whatever.  They LOVE riding in it!! But today was the first day that everyone was old enough and it was warm enough for a REAL trip out into the hills.

We had a BLAST.

Hayden kept saying that she was ready for some "tooventure" (adventure) - we thought she looked a little like a girly Eric Church.

See the resemblance?
She didn't like when we called her "Chief" though. 
These girls had so much fun, giggling and squealing and loving every second of it.


We did a little "toosploring" (exploring) and we "toolected (collected) some rocks. (Hayden adds a "too" to the beginning a ton of words - tooventure, toosploring, Toopunzel, toonana, toosponsibility, toobaloon - the list goes on forever. We think it is so cute and dread the day she quits doing it because it is the very last "baby talk" thing she has left.  If that goes, we are officially talking to a tiny 30 year old. LOL)

Carly was even lulled to sleep by the bouncing and roaring engine. LOL

And we wrapped things up with a little picnic back at the truck.

Everyone had a great time - and we were back home in time for naps

I wish you could see my husband, all puffed up, happy as a clam about his little Daddy's Girls and how much fun they had on our ride today. 

He couldn't be happier with these girls. 

Or with his RZR. 


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