Friday, April 12, 2013

"Rough Girls"

My girls are rough girls.
They love to wrestle.  They love to splash.  They talk too loud.  They are always dirty.

And take a look at these knees.

Don't get me wrong - these girls love their princesses and their dresses and their hair bows.  Who doesn't?

But I never set out to raise any "wilting flower types"  -  I am aiming for girls who KNOW that they can do everything that any boy can do.  That they can be beautiful princesses and minutes later be amazing super heroes.  That while they are gorgeous, that they are also quite capable of doing everything that they can dream up.

My wish for them is that they grow into women without boundaries.   Women who try, women who fail, and women who get up and try again.  Women who are adventurous. Women who value the person that they are.  I want them to be women who know that a mistake isn't the end and that it's just a bump in the road - step back and try again.  These are two little girls who already own the world - I want them to recognize that they can do and be anything if they just go after whatever it is that is calling them.

I am raising women who know that it is fun (and perfectly acceptable) to be a "girly-girl", but who are not afraid to raise a little hell, too.

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