Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I knew that my kids would fight and argue.

I guess that I didn't now that they would do it so much.  Or so young.

Ever since Carly was old enough to sit up or scoot around, she has been doing what all little siblings are so great at - bugging her sister. 

She thrives on being annoying to Hayden.  Getting into her stuff, invading her space, tagging along and "ruining" everything. 

And she does it all with this impish little grin and a devil-may-care attitude.


Which drives her sister CRAZY.

Hayden isn't totally innocent in this, believe me.  Hayden is  VERY bossy in possession of excellent leadership skills and doesn't want Carly to do anything that hasn't first been run by her.  Ever.  And she doesn't want Carly to have ideas, thoughts, or opinions on any of the plans that she is making for the both of them.


It is a dang good thing that they are cute, because the fighting would drive anyone who hadn't given birth to them screaming out the front door never to be heard from again.  

But it seems that here in the last few weeks we have come to a bit of a transition period.

While there is still a lot of fighting going on (and truthfully, there probably always will be) there is also much much more of this:

And this:

I over hear them playing and giggling and I just melt into a big old pile of mom-goo.  They LOVE to play outside together - riding Strider bikes, digging in the dirt, exploring the world around them.  They dance and sing and put on show after show after show.  They entertain each other for hours now. 

 Admittedly, they fight and argue even while they are having fun, but it is finally starting to feel like they are really friends sometimes. 

 Watching my girls develop a relationship, however rocky it is at times, has been my single greatest joy in motherhood.  Sisterhood is a funny thing - they may fight and carry on, the sister love is strong. They have a bond that only they will ever fully understand.  They are going to hold the moments that they are having together as little girls in their hearts forever. 

They are discovering the world together - one leaf, one twig, on bike ride, one princess show, one shared snack, even one disagreement at a time. 
And I am the luckiest mama ever, because I get to watch them do it.

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